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What Is Mystery?

Robert Ogema

What's mystery?
Part 1: 1. Being saved on the merits of Christ's shed blood is a mystery.
On what ground am I making such claim? If you have an objection to this claim. Let me ask you question also: Is there any hind in the OT which is supposing that Christ would die for the Gentiles?

Unless you spiritualize scriptures, you can never find such an idea either in narrative, poetical or prophetic books.

According to prophet Jeremiah writings, Christ was to die and initiate the new covenant with the house of Jacob and not with Gentiles.

Now, maybe you're asking yourself again; where is the place of Gentiles if that is the case. Well, this is the very reason why we should appreciate this salvation that comes by grace through faith.
Nowhere in the OT was the Gentiles going to be saved on the merits of Christ's shed blood. According to previous prophet writing, Gentiles salvation was to come through the converted nation Israel.

But again, what went wrong…



Purpose and passion are the backbone of our lives. They are like compass which govern and gives us direction of our daily pursuit. The late Myles Munroe once said, “The greatest tragedy in life is not death, but life without a purpose.” And on the other hand, passion is what creates true meaning in life.

So, the big question that always puzzles many of us is, how do I find my purpose or passion in life? These are the questions that we are going to analyze and find answers down here. And by the time we are through, you would be in a better position to find your purpose and passion in life.

1. Purpose
Purpose is your highest calling. It is your deepest meaning. It is not like a job description, it focuses more on quality and the journey, and not destination. To find it you need to do the following:

 Find out what you love to do best. It could be helping others, stimulating other people’s mind, being creating whatever it is, look for th…