"You are the some total of your past decision"
Every decision you have ever made is what is affecting your life today. They are affecting you either positively or the opposite. So your current life and situations are as a result of your past decision. Decision is what makes or break our lives.
Learn to make decisions that are in line with your purpose and values, not societal pressure. Who told you that life is fair? Life will always throw a surprise at you.
And this circumstantial life surprises should never dictate your decisions. That's why having what we call emotional intelligence is very important in decision making. Emotional intelligence helps you to make decision not based on how you feel. This means that you separate yourself from feelings and make decisive decision.
Now it is very important for you to asses your life and see if there are some decisions which you might have made and it is affecting your life today and see if it requires you to either rectify or change them completely. And last but not least, always keep on learning to make the right decision if you want to get it right in your life most out of your Life.