By Robert Ogema

It is one thing to live under grace and it is another to embrace the grace. Many of us have not tapped or realize the power in the grace simply because we have not embraced it.

The power in the grace did not end when you got saved. There should be a continuous flow of grace even much more since you are saved. Recognizing and embracing the grace of God and the power in it is the genesis of living a victorious life as a child of God.

Most of our struggle and strife in life is as a result of us not living up to the expectation of God. God is expecting us to live with peace, joy and abundance (having everything pertaining to this life). These are the packages coming inside the grace. This is a special gift for us as believers in this Dispensation of grace.

Grace says, you don’t need to it on your own, I have an easy alternative. You are under the curse; you are blessed and highly favored. You are blessed beyond measure.

Child of the highest God, even demonic world trembles at the presence of a person who has understood this truth. Embracing the grace knows your position in Christ and what God has already provided and accomplish trough the finished work of Christ in the cross.

Your life bound change if you can decide to embrace and appreciate this special gift called grace. It is the secret and foundation of living a victorious life as a child of God.

Robert Ogema is the Director of FRIENDS POWER ENTERPRISES LIMITED which runs this Social enterprise Program,  (CHRISTIAN ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT PROGRAM) www.facebook.com/CEEPKENYA