By: Robert Ogema
You just have to find your way out. Stop blaming people for what is not working in your life. Life was never meant to be easy but make it simple. There is nothing as hard as living a complicated life.
You have the potential to bring a turnaround that you have ever dreamed of in your entire life. The only thing that will cause you not to actualize them is your tendency to point fingers at others and circumstances around you.

Whatever situation you are in right now, the possible solutions are just within your reach. Stop blaming your parents, siblings, school that you attend or failed government systems for your dysfunctions.
Find your way out. God has deposited within you everything that you will ever need to move your life to another level. By finding them, you will be on your way out of whatever circumstances you are in right now.
Make a conscious decision now. Resolve that you are coming. As much as life was never meant to be easy, there is always a way out.

Take a step of faith NOW. Say help me God. Am coming out of this average life. Am refusing to settle for less than what God had designed for me.

By doing so, you will start seeing how your mind will automatically adjust and start working with that new command. You are wired in such a way that you are capable of being what you can ever conceive within your mind.

What am emphasizing is that you can decide to change your life by the decision that you make.